XEN Community

XEN: for the Benefit and Prosperity of All Who Participate

The XEN community has been, and will be, an important and vital part in the shaping of the XEN protocol.

People from all over the world are openly and continuously collaborating in everything from the making of the XEN protocol, building the community, sharing ideas, strategies and knowledge, and taking the initiative to improve each others' lives as they teach the ethos of the 1st principles of Crypto.

XEN protocol fosters inclusivity and encourages education. We strive for the creation and sustained implementation of a value system that is more transparent and fair than any other network existing today.

XEN protocol belongs to the community.

XEN has been built by the people for the people.

If you believe in the 1st principles of Crypto and want to learn and/or get engaged in the XEN movement, start by joining our channels:

Telegram: https://t.me/XENCryptoTalk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XEN_Crypto

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