XEN Torrent and XENFTs

Q: What is the gas cost using the XEN Torrent Batch minter?

A: Gas cost: single claim is 180,000 gas limit as usual. 100 VMU = 180.000 x 100 = 18M gas limit. Claim mint = 90.000 x 100 = 9M gas limit. It’s same gas cost as for “vanilla” cRank. Same math.

Some exact gas limit numbers:

18,344,502 to generate Rare XENFT with 100 VMU 18,311,424 to generate Limited XENFT with 100 VMU 18,303,735 to generate Ordinary XENFT with 100 VMU

Q: If the ERC721 contract has more lines of code - won't it consume more gas to use it?

A: No. Amount of contract code only affect gas during the contract deployment. Not for tx execution. Contract code is not stored on chain. It’s the amount of data that you write and read on chain that determines gas. The svg doesn’t consume gas. It’s not written on the blockchain. It's not linked to any claim / mint transaction at all. We generate it from params using contract code. It’s a read function. Our svg generation is basically contract code. It uses data stored on chain. The data that is stored on chain is 64 bytes/nft. (2 slots of unit256). In addition to standard ERC721 data stored. So, lines of code won't affect the resulting data structures, which drives gas higher.

Q: Aren't ERC20 tokens lighter in storage?

A: Yes. Since they are fungible you only store amounts. With NFTs you need to store more than that. Recording ownership of unique items.

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