In order to interact with the XEN protocol to mint tokens, a new user will need a wallet and gas. The protocol reads addresses.


Download any wallet compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. You may download a wallet on your mobile phone or computer. Wallets are free to download and use. Here you can find wallets:

If you are new to Crypto, you might consider the Metamask (MM) wallet, since it is most widely used in the ethereum eco-system.


Gas is required to interact with protocols. Think of gas similar to a card transaction fee. Every time you interact with a protocol, including the XEN protocol, you are required to pay a gas fee for that transaction. To transact with the Ethereum network you need Ether (ETH). The price of ETH varies and depends on how congested the network is.

Learn how to purchase ETH here. Learn more about how gas fees work here:

Example: If we assume A 175.000 gas limit Current GWEI is 9 ETH is $1,620.00

Then: 175,000 x 9 GWEI /1B x $1,620 USD/ETH = $2.55 USD gas fee.

(You divide by 1B because 1,000,000,000 wei = 1 GWEI)

Gas fee tracker:

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