Claim Mint

Visit to check the active status of your mint and how many days are left before you may claim and mint your XEN tokens. We suggest you make a note and alert on a calendar to notify you of your approaching mint day.

Generally, you should be able to claim / mint within a 24 hour period after the end date. However, please keep in mind that your XEN rewards will be progressively reduced if you do not claim / mint XEN after the date of the term you’ve chosen.

The reason for progressive reduction is to avoid bad actors that create ladders of “invisible” claims, and then claim all at once to crash the value of XEN. The penalty for not claiming/minting XEN is progressive and becomes 99% after 7 days (a Reward Claim Window); this means that after 7 days, claiming/minting XEN will not be possible, no matter how many days the term of participation was.

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