XENFT properties

The XENFT will store properties, where some are related to the XEN (ERC20) minting and others specific to XEN Torrent.

XEN Protocol relatedXEN Torrent specific

Term (days)

Count of VMUs

Maturity timestamp


cRank (first VMU)

Amount XEN burned

AMP (first VMU)

Redeemed (or not)

EAA (first VMU)

All the properties captured in the XENFT are immutable, which means they cannot be changed, except for the ‘Redeemed’ property, which is a boolean value and is set to ‘false’ upon XENFT minting.

Once the user has performed the second phase and claimed the minted XEN ERC20 tokens, XENFT is said to be redeemed and the ‘redeemed’ property is set too 'True'.

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