How to XEN



  1. Prepare Get an address, wallet and some gas for transaction fees.

  2. Claim your CryptoRank (cRank) By actively accessing the network page you prove your Proof of Participation (PoP) and receive a cRank. You may then decide your mintTerm (T), 0-100+ days. You may revisit the page to check the status of your mintTerm by viewing your personalized loading bar, which incrementally grows as your term nears completion.

  3. MINT your XEN crypto Return to at your chosen time in (2) and claim your XEN tokens. You may then decide to stake or keep your XEN tokens liquid.

  4. STAKE your XEN crypto You may choose 1-1,000 days to stake your tokens. Staking percentages vary between 2-20% APY.

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