The staking period is limited to the following range: 1 to 1,000 days.

The XEN staking period may be terminated without penalties at any time within the agreed term; however the APY rewards will not be pro-rated or paid if staking is terminated before the staking period is over.

You will be able to stake XEN for any number of days between 1 and 1,000, and receive APY rewards, which will start at 20% on XEN Genesis (Day 1 of launch) and will decrease by 1 percentage point every 90 days thereafter until it reaches 2%, whereupon it will stay at 2% indefinitely.

Each stake’s APY is fixed at the time of the stake, depending on how many days have passed since XEN Genesis. So, for example, if you are staking 100,000 XEN for 365 days within the first 90 days since XEN Genesis, you will be able to claim 120,000 XEN after this period. The stake reward amount is based on a non-compounding APY model.

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