Claim cRank

XEN rewards are loosely based on game theory with several variables that influence the reward outcome. To mint new XEN coins, one must generate their Crypto Rank (cRank). Your cRank is a natural number, representing the relative standing across the XEN ecosystem. For example, a cRank of 5,000 represents the fact that 4,999 people before you have decided to mint XEN for themselves and have submitted their transactions before you did. The XEN smart contract tracks a Global cRank within the ecosystem which increases every time someone else joins as a participant and generates their cRank.

When claiming your cRank you will also be prompted to choose your mintTerm (T). Mint Term, or Maturity (T) - a minimum time difference (measured in full days) between the initial claimRank (cRank) transaction and subsequent claimReward transaction. This parameter is submitted by the user during their claimRank transaction and is recorded in the XEN Smart Contract automatically.

In order to increase the amount of XEN tokens you may mint, one must indicate the maximum number of days they are willing to wait for their rewards.

Thus, inviting new people to join the network will create more rewards for all of the participants (including the invitees).

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