XEN Level 1 - Beginner

Welcome you lovely being! Ready to learn about XEN and build something truly great with us?
Hello! Im Jack Levin! I like to drink tea and apple cider vinegar. I'm also a an open-source enthusiast with 30 years of experience, was the 21st employee at Google and founder of imageshack.com.
My next project is XEN protocol - but this time I'm inviting you to create this with me and rest of the XEN community.

1. What is XEN:

XEN is designed to become a universal cryptocurrency to achieve the original mission of blockchain - following the 1st principles thereof - such as decentralization, transparency, counterpart risk resistance, peer-to-peer value exchange and self-custody.
The vision is to create a highly decentralized network where every human being is an important node where their individual rights are stored in their wallet thorough self-custody.
The problems XEN are trying to solve are centralization, custody, unfairness, adoption, and lack of transparency. Read more.
2. Why is XEN unique?
XEN has built-in features and benefits making it completely unique compared to any other protocol or system. The design features are following 1st principles of Crypto. The protocol is permissionless, transparent, immutable and trustless. There has been no pre-mint, team-allocation, VC allocation and there is no origin address. Read more.
3. Who is behind XEN?
4. Read whitepaper
Please get familiar with the whitepaper and read it. This is the base for everything XEN. Reading our whitepaper multiple times will help you in your understanding of the protocol and help you grasp the mechanics of our claim & stake system.
Do not feel pressure to understand all the math right away. However it will greatly benefit you to familiarize yourself with the overall concept and especially the terminology and abbreviations. Whitepaper
5. How to participate
Watch the pre-launch alpha video to get an idea on how to participate:
5. Watch Xenducation HIT#1
This is the intro/genesis to the XEN protocol. This video covers the overall theory and thesis about the XEN protocol. It is designed for world adoption with the aim of teaching the everyday person about the 1st principles of Crypto. When you mint XEN, you mint 1st principles.
There are timestamps below the video. Feel free to skip to the parts that seem relevant to you. If the advanced math is not your cup of tea, we suggest you try to at least listen and follow as best you can.
6. Xencrypto.io
Check out this lovely, community-built website and learn more about XEN. This site is perfect to share with your friends so you can all learn together.
7. How you participate and get XEN tokens
The process is simple. All you have to do is connect to the website with an eligible wallet. The first step is to claim your cRank and choose a time in the future when you want to mint XEN. Please remember the date you choose to claim your XEN! Come back to the website at that time and claim your XEN tokens. Lastly, you can choose to keep or stake your XEN. Remember: there is no perfect strategy, there is just YOUR personal strategy. Read more.
8. Links - your source for information
Stay up to date with everything XEN through these LINKS.
9. Join the XEN Community
Join our amazing community and get to know the other Xenians. There is always someone in the Telegram or Discord group ready to answer your questions & teach you about 1st principles of Crypto! Telegram: https://t.me/XENCryptoTalk Discord: https://discord.gg/7BbFRdpT


You are now officially a XENIAN! We are happy and excited to help you navigate the world of XEN and Crypto, and even more excited to learn from your unique experiences and knowledge. XEN is a hivemind of like-minded people. Together we are strong.
Feel ready for going deeper into the XENverse? Level up and check out the advanced section.