XEN Level 2 - Advanced

Hey hey XENIAN! Let's level up your learning.
1. Watch Jack Levin talk about PRICE and ADOPTION
XEN is focused on on-boarding people into blockchain rather than the fiat, or paper money system. Listen to Jack Levin explain how XEN has a different approach than any other Crypto out there.
2. Watch Xenducation HIT#2
In HIT#2 XEN TZU focuses on the importance of community and adoption and how crucial it is to be an INCLUSIVE global community for maximal adoption. We also offer tutorials showing the XEN minting process, from wallet creation to staking.
3. TEST out the system and MINT XEN!
We are on 4 testnets! Here is a tutorial on how to claim and mint XEN on Goerli Ethereum Testnet.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNy5xkyjLXo&t=478s HERE you have all the testnet data for all chains.
Psssst! We have officially launched XEN here!
4. How to optimize your XEN structure wallet setup